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 Q Paul Regret with 4 life points?

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: Q Paul Regret with 4 life points?   Tue 18 Jan 2011, 20:34

Paul Regret, 4 life point

Do you thing that Paul Regret need buff to his life point?

My friends think, that Paul is not best defence character, so they decided to add this for discusion.

Who agree with setting Paul Regret life to 4 life point?

My friend agree with set Paul Regret as 4 life points character.

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Vice Sceriffo

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PostSubject: Re: Q Paul Regret with 4 life points?   Wed 19 Jan 2011, 11:57

Paul Regret is a character of the original bang! set and he is quite balanced with the other 15 characters, playing the original deck (80 cards). In general I do not like too much to play with 3 lifes and 3 cards but it's just my preference.

Actually, once Dodge City came out, a correct balance would be probably "3,5" life points (this is impossible, you know); but take care, if you simply compare characters in an hypotetical 'final duel' you get different results than what you get from a full game, ex. with 7 players.

Playing WWS expansion it wouldn't be a crime to play him to 4 life points, but it's not enough to do an official and definitive upgrade, IMHO

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Q Paul Regret with 4 life points?
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