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 2 life points characters abilities

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: 2 life points characters abilities   Sun 06 Feb 2011, 21:15

Dear Emiliano, I find some abilities for 2 life points characters:

  1. After each phase 1 of another player, he can choose to refill 1 life or draw 1 card. Both cards and lives never cross his set maximum.
    (Sherif 3, no Sheriff 2).
  2. Before each turn, select any player. He can use ability and cards of selected player to next turn.
  3. He can play any card in hand as any brown border card. During his turn, he can use his ability once.
  4. Before each his turn, selected players are target of BANG!s.
  5. None abilities and cards with different color suit than clubs affected him, if he did not want.
  6. (Michal Jurik idea - mu friend)He starts with 5 cards. Any card from cards BANG!, MISSED! or BEER can he use with effect BANG!, MISSED!, BEER.

Best Regards

Martin Blazko
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2 life points characters abilities
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