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 BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Characters

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Characters Empty
PostSubject: BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Characters   BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Characters EmptySat 22 Jan 2011, 20:43

I decide to public my first version of expansion. This release contents only characters.


  1. Ernest Saliven
    4 life points
    Once per round(in turn or out), he may trade his blue border card in hand with top card in discard pile.
  2. Emil Docaine
    4 life points
    In his turn, he may change effect of any card in front him for effect another blue border card others than weapons. Only one card effect can be change in one moment.
  3. Lady Burboun
    4 life point
    In her turn, she can put BEER card in front any player making him drunk to end of next turn. Drunk player "draw card", each time he playes card or use ability. On red, none played cards and ability has effect, played blue or green border ard are discarded.
  4. Lady Burboun -alternative
    4 life point
    In her turn, she can put BEER card in front any player making him drunk to end of next turn. Drunk player lost his ability to end his next turn, when BEER card is discarded.
  5. Jim ScalpHunter
    4 life points
    Eachtime, he kills somdoby, he adds new additional ability of one from 3 random drawn character. He can has more abilities.
  6. Agree Bear
    4 life poitns
    To avoid his BANG card player needs to use as many MISS! as many injury he has, minimum 1.
  7. Tomy Lee Ghost
    4 life point
    After death he stays in game with 1 life point for 2 next turn. After these 2 turn he is eliminated. Before each turn, he can decide to die. Durinf these 2 turns, he cannot be injured or jailed.
  8. Tomy Lee Ghost alter variant
    3 life point
    After elimination, he stay in game like ghost. In his turn, he draw 3 cards, discard whole at end each turn, he is consider as already eliminated, so he cannot die, jail, no card effect him, but he can only win if he is in his turn.
  9. White Wolf
    4 life point
    Once per turn, he may send their wolf against any player by discarding blue weapon card. Target player should discard a BANG! or lose 1 life.
  10. Samuel McGreggot
    4 life point
    Instead drawing 2 cards, he may name any card. If someone gives him named card, donor of card draws his 2 cards from his phase 2, if nobody, he draws 1 card less.
  11. Dean Deviface
    3 life point
    After first elimination, as no sheriff he returns to game as Renegade with 2 lifes and 2 cards. As sheriff, he refills 2 life point. In both case, discard your role card.
  12. Matthew Hell
    4 lives
    Once in its turn, may lose a life (except the last)and discard blue card to take a card from any whole discard deck.
  13. Matthew Hell - alternative
    4 lives
    Once in its turn, may lose a life (except the last) with discarding blue border card in his hand. Then name any brown border card. Discarded blue card has effect as named card.
  14. Sergeant O Reilly
    4 life
    He is immune to cards with negative effects against several players. (Gatling, Indians, Battle, ...)
  15. Jim Scarecrow
    4 life
    In turn, he may put PANIC! or CAT BALOU in front any player. This player loses his ability to end his next turn. Then discard put card in front him.
  16. Antony Carma
    4 life
    Whenever someone plays a none BANG card with a negative effect against only Antony BANG! cards, “draw”!. If ♣, Antony avoids this card.
  17. Billy Longlife
    4 life
    He has no restriction for maximum life(he can expess over limit). Its maximum limit of cards is always up to fourth.
  18. Dan Quake
    4 life
    He can exceed the maximum number of lives. If you have more lives than the its maximum, in phase 1 he shows the first card. If you forget or card is ♠ or ♣, you lose a excesses life.
  19. Ron Robber
    4 life
    He plays a card PANIC as CAT BALOU and vice versa.
  20. John Doom
    4 life
    If eliminated, chosen players lose a life in the order determined by him.
  21. Sam Diehard
    4 life
    In his phase 1, he may decides to show each drawn card. If shown drawn card is ♥, he refills 1 life point.
  22. Jonath Hexx
    4 life
    Once per turn, he can return to life any eliminated player for one his turn by discarding any blue border card face down(back side)
  23. Jonath Hexx Alternative
    4 life
    Each start of turn, he change ability with random drawn no game character. Ability stay to next changing. All character ability count.
  24. Joseph Holy
    3 life
    Before game, he can choose any ability of any character(game or not game) or create his own. With created ability must agree all others player.
  25. Joe Tripple
    4 life
    Each time, he uses 2 same cards in one same round(in turn or out), he can use one more effect of played card.
    He playes 2 INDIANS, count like 3 played(if he decide to use it)
    He can use 2 MISS, and third MISS he has free in this round.
    Each round reset before his next turn

All copyright to me, as Martin Blazko
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BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Characters
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