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 Balancing existing character compared to all.

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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Balancing existing character compared to all. Empty
PostSubject: Balancing existing character compared to all.   Balancing existing character compared to all. EmptyWed 07 Aug 2013, 10:04

This topic has aim to balance all character to be playable to another better character.

Good characters: Calamity Janet, Big Spencer, Willy The Kid, Slab The Killer, Chuck Wengam

Worst characters compare to good: Herb Hunter, Pat Brennen

IMHO IMBA characters: Lee Van Cliff, Flint Westwood, Gregory Deck, Don Bell


Gray bullet counts as 1 life point, but whenever is lost, he cannot be refilled. It is like 1/2 life point. Characters with gray bullet starts with 1 more life poit and hand card.

Bacis Characters:

All balanced. Our suggestion:

Paul Regret, El Gringo: add 1 gray bullet
Lucky Duke: add 1 bullet (make him 5 life point)  or add 1 gray bullet

Dodge City Characters:

Pat Brennen, Herb Hunter, Greg Digger, Bill Noface: make them 5 life points

Jose Delgado: decrease limit used to 1 per turn, but allow discard even card in front himself

Elena Fuente: add 1 gray life points

Fistfull Characters:

Santa: change his ability from mandatory to optional
Johny Kisch: make him 5 life points characters

WWS Characters:

Flint Westwood: decrease card to 1 for 1
JohnPain: decrease limit from 6 to 5
Gregory Deck: just let him 3 life points
Lee Van Cliff: make him ability limit to 1-2 usage per turn

Golden Rush:

Madam Yto: ability only triggers when somebody use BEER to refill any number of life points
Don Bell: a, make him 5 life point character with reveal only on Hearts, or decrease life points to 3
JoshMcCloud: make him 5 life points character
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Balancing existing character compared to all.
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