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 Possible Errors?

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Possible Errors? Empty
PostSubject: Possible Errors?   Possible Errors? EmptySun 27 Mar 2011, 08:40

I've been browsing the website and being an avid bang player I wish to report the following things I have observed.

The definition of Springfield is less than correct.
It says: (Discard another card) A BANG! to all players.
While it should say: (Discard another card) A BANG! to ANY player.

Also I think your "Claus the Saint" card description is slightly outdated as it has been errata'd
It says: During his phase 1, draws 10 cards: he gives 1 card to each player, then keeps the other cards.
While it should really say: He draws one more card than the number of players, keeps 2 for himself, then gives 1 to each player.
I personally confirm this with the Bang: The Bullet set I bought recently which had the newer version.

Also, there is some confusion about Youl Grinner, do ALL players with more cards than him give him a card? Or just the player with the MOST amount of cards? Your description says all but on FAQ it suggest t player with the most card gives him one. Could someone please clarify.

Minor Issues

Also, your website doesn't tell us anything about:
New Identity and Handcuffs

The Emporio (General Store) card in the Dodge City expansion which is an Ace of Spades, should have an asterisk (*) next to it like all dodge city expansion cards.

That's everything I think I either need clarifying or helped clarify. Thanks for your time.
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Possible Errors? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Possible Errors?   Possible Errors? EmptyWed 13 Apr 2011, 18:16

Thank you for you comments. I will correct these issues soon!
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Possible Errors?
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