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 New character to BANG Dark Side of World.

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: New character to BANG Dark Side of World.   Sat 26 Mar 2011, 08:13

This is alternative set of characters no without name.

  1. No name 1

    4 life points

    Before his turn, he says name of any playing card. Named cards has none effect to him.

  2. No name 2

    3 life points

    His life point maximum is increased by each elimitaion of any player.

  3. No name 3

    4 life points

    Before his turn, he can exchange any card in game with any player with same border color.

  4. No name 4

    4 life points

  5. No name 5

    3 life points

    Before each his turn while hi is dead, he "draw!": If is spade or club, he return with 1 life point and starts his turn.

  6. No name 6

    4 life points

    Before his turn he can exchange abilities btwwen 2 player to his next turn.

  7. No name 7

    4 life points

    Durring his turn, he may put 2 cards face down in front any player what is count as playing JAIL to him.

  8. No name 8

    2 life points

    Before game, he draws 2 times characters card than players in game. He may choose X abilities that he get. X is total number players.

  9. John Young

    4 life points

    He can use BEER card like BANG!, MISSED! or PANIC!.

  10. BlackWitch Star

    4 life points

    Before his turn, she may name color suit. Card with named suit cannot be played during turn's any o player.
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New character to BANG Dark Side of World.
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