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 BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Special cards

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Special cards    Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:21

This cards are similiar like High Noon or A Fistful Of Cards. This card are contest of drawn deck. Before each shuffle select random N card and insert into deck. These cards enter the game when they are drawn. Player, who <<draw!>> or draw card in phase 1 or else, must put thsi card in front himself if is possible(card has only termporaly effect), card effect last until next turn of player who drew it. After one turn, this card is turn to face down and represent 1 extra life for player in front him is. But this extra life is lost by first injury and card must be diascarded. None Panic or Cat Balou can be used to discard it.

  1. Chinesse healer
    At end of each player turn, player grains 1 life even over maximum.
  2. Return of Renagade
    Random dead player return to game like Renegade. Draw new character card.
  3. Servenato El Diablo/Hell Shooter(idea of : Martin Blazko, Jano Moncicak)
    He starts with X life points, X cards and X abilities of drawn character. In his phase 1, he draws 1 card and decides to do one thing:
    - draws additional 2 cards
    - refill 1 life point
    - draws 2 random character and may change

    -- X means number of living player when card entered game.
    -- Nobody can win until Servanto El Diablo is in game.
    -- Dead player change by controling Servanto El Diablo eacg game.
    -- He doesn t use any life counter. He character card is his life counter, when he lose 1 life point, turn 1 character face down and he loses ability of turned face down character. When he refill life point(s), turn face up 1 character and ability works agian.

  4. Blue Festival
    Once per turn, you may discard blue weapon card from hand to play any brown card. Another blue card or weapon can by use like BANG!, BEER, Duel,Panic or Cat Balou.
  5. Farm
  6. Bombard
    Each player must show first drawn card. If is color suit same like top discard card, player loses 1 life point, and all player at distance 1 should discard MISSED! or lose 1 life point.
  7. Bounty Hunter
    Each player that killed anybody this round, may choose to refill 1 life point, draw additional 2 cards or 300 $.
  8. National Gard
    When National gard enter game, sheriff choose players. Chosen player should discard BANG! card or lose 1 life point. The sheriff skipps his next turn, but is unaffected by cards, abilities or special card with negative effect.
  9. Deadly Hallowen
    All dead players return to game as zombies and stays in game until end.
  10. Supply Arrived
    When card enter game, each player can choose to do one thing: refill 1 life point or draw 2 cards or pu one card in front himself(green card can be used in next turn).

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BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Special cards
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