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 BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Playing card

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Playing card   Sat 05 Feb 2011, 12:40

I create new brown, blue border card.

  1. Elixir
    Counts as BEER card. Can be played in game of 2 players and can excess maximum life point.
  2. Finishing Hit
    Counts as BANG! at reachalbe distance without possibility to avoid.
  3. Explosion
    All players, starting with you, continues clockwise, lose 1 life point.
  4. Colonists
    You change your position with any living player. After your turn, player, who should follow, continue with his turn.
  5. Thief
    You can replace any card in game inf front any players to another players.
  6. Hitman
    Target player should discard BANG! card or loses 1 life point.
  7. Dirty Job
    You return to game random eliminated player as Renegade with 1 life point and 3 cards. He draw new random character.
  8. Golden Brown
    Card can be used as any existing brown card.
  9. Bandage/MedicKit
    Refill 1 life point and draw 1 card from deck.
  10. Combo
    Card can be used as any followings: BANG"! card, Panic!, Cat Balou or Beer.
  11. Vest
    Instead lost of any life point this card is discarded.
  12. Cowboy Pocket
    Increase hand size limit by 2.
  13. Flame Bottle
    Can play in front any player. Player with Flame Bottle card loses 1 life point each time he decide to play his phase 1 or phase 2. If he skipp phase 1 or 2, this card is discarded.
  14. Golden Blue
    Can be play as any existing blue border card.
  15. Bleeding wound
    Put in front any player. His maximum life point is lowered by 1. In case of first refilling life points, this card is discarded without life points refilling.

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BANG The Dark Side of World Martin Blazko Playing card
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