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 New format lof tournament

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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New format lof tournament Empty
PostSubject: New format lof tournament   New format lof tournament EmptyTue 01 Feb 2011, 09:50

I and some my friend tried to do new format of tournaments.

Each players starts with 1500 $ per player at table. Then go to anction of characters from any expansions. Auction is reapeted until each player has 6 characters. But it have this specific:

  • auction is divided into 6 rounds
  • in one round each player can buy only one character
  • in one round each player can buy only one character
  • in one round starting player is passed to player with lowest amount $, in case 2 and more, than who one is clocer to player in 1 round of anctions
  • none role cards is given to anybody
  • after 6 rounds of auction, each player has 6 characters

Games rounds:

  • for each game player can pick 1 bought characters
  • in each game, player has to have another character
  • all dead charcters are discarded
  • none character can be pass to next game if he survived, but it is no discarded
  • characters are picked into game, after role cards delivary
  • if after 2 min is not picked all characters, starting with sheriff, continue clockwise, player must to pick some or is picked random.

After 6 games, players can be picked up to their $ amount to next final table.

Number of 6 games can be changes after few testing phase.

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New format lof tournament
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