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 Tuco Franzikaner - good IMHO

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: Tuco Franzikaner - good IMHO   Tue 24 Mar 2015, 10:38

Tuco Franzikaner

5 life points

You draw 2 additional card in your Draw Phase, if you had none blue border cards in front you at begin of that turn.

Wasn't it misprinted with 5 life points.

It is very stronger. Strong tactic to not placing blue border cards in front yourself and draw 4 cards per turn. Saving Panic or Cat Balou for discarding own blue border card. STRIKE and WIN in right  moment. 

Any alternative for changes?

  • 4 life points 2 extra cards? (Still strong)
  • 4 life points 1 extra cards?
  • 5 life points 1 extra cards? (Still strong)
  • 3 life points 2 extra cards?

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PostSubject: Re: Tuco Franzikaner - good IMHO   Tue 24 Mar 2015, 12:31

All in all I have to agree.

Although he is limited by the high number of players in play, if it's the case, cause he may be far from his direct target and may need a blue card to attack, it looks not enough to justify the 5 lifes, IMHO:

- when he is near to the target he is obviously too strong;
- when far from the target he still may choose between two good strategies, -1- charge himself drawing 4 cards (incredible powerful with expansions), -2- play the blue card to shoot the target (who may need to discard it to save lifes, so we come back to option -1-) still having the advantage of 5 lives/5 cards which compensates the "forbidden" cards (Mustang and Barrel).

We know Bang! is usually "self balanced" by roles and by the perception that players have of a character, besides the average power of the characters is increasing year by year; however I still prefer "self balanced" characters too.

I think it may work great with the same ability and 4 lifes, he would be still dangerous but would have to care of defense as well.

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Tuco Franzikaner - good IMHO
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