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 GR: Correct resolveing buy Golden Rush

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lichking Martin Blazko

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PostSubject: GR: Correct resolveing buy Golden Rush   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 08:24

Maybe I know answer, but I get many question about this.

Your turn ends. Regain all of your lost life points, then play another turn.

-What does 1st half of rule mens(Your turn ends.)?

- Will I skipp my "Discard Phase" (Phase 3 of my Turn)?

- How will end turn abilities resolves (e.x. Don Bell, Sean Mallory, new characters such as "At end your turn, draw 1 card")?

-[+DC] Can I use my green card in front me use in my extra turn, if those green cards were played (put in front me) in my regular turn(turn which I bought "Golden Rush" in)?
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GR: Correct resolveing buy Golden Rush
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