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 Best Practise in Testing

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lichking Martin Blazko
lichking Martin Blazko

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Best Practise in Testing Empty
PostSubject: Best Practise in Testing   Best Practise in Testing EmptySat 14 Apr 2012, 11:38

I decide to write short manual or article about best way to test. I am not any expert, but I had some knowledge about software testing.

You can disagree with this.

I do some changes in this article. I colored it on BLUE.

1. Know it.

First, you should know what is subject of your test. In our case is BANG card game and its expansion. You should learn about game in global. The rules, component, cards, stratety. (not need to memory all).

2. Divide your test in small part

In software and in game, we focus to many types of test(test componet, integrity, funtional, ... etc). In game, smaller part of test represents: testing characters, testing mechanic, test cards, integritety test (test all together).

3. Write your goal you foced to test/ Write your test plan

Just write what you want to test. Check it after testing.

Ex. I want test new mechanic "XXXX" to enthusiamus, balance, ... . It add note to make my desicion easier:

- mechanic is boring/ mechanic is fun
- does it breake balance?
- does any team has too high advange against another (law/bandits/neutral)

Ex. easier example with character YYYY

- is his ability interesting/boring?
- is his ability balanced?
- does he have enough life points?

4. Make notes from testing

Is good practice to write note from testing. We always forget something later. You can easy return to note.


This character was too strong, becauce ....

He need add 1 life point, because his ability was rarely used. All player will be prefer another character rather this one. Adding 1 life point sit him to situation like Gary Looter and he has better starting position (+ 1 life point and 1 card) and this character will become more acceptable in chooce character step.

5. Discuss all in your team

After each test or more test, it is good to do discusion about test/play. It is good to talk about last game(max 5-7 min). You exchange more informations, join your note in team. More people can bring own interesting ideas and can remember more things. Discusion can confirm someting or negate something.

Then discusion can brings more issuse or make you sure about test object.

6. Test more

Only one test means nothing. You must take more tests. With more testing, testing is more objective, make you sure about test goal.

7. Remove noise

In game and in software, it sometimes appears some situation, that can happen in game. Someone can say about it IT IS UNFAIR/UNBALANCED.

I say sometime there are situation(NOISE situation), that make one player too strong. (E.x. Suzy Lafayette + Volcanic + Showtime)

Remember that, I call it noise in testing:

- it can happen
- it does not happend so often, more factors will be present at one moment
- it brings big advantage to someone to call him INSANE MAN, LUCKY B*****.
- it still can be prevented to happen(discarding Volcanic in front Suzy ... )

Hard to this is to condider, that is BALANCED and not IMBALANCED. I call it NOISE in test balanced.


Willy Kid as BANDIT with 6 BANG in hand shoots all 6 BANG!s on Sheriff and win game in his 1 turn of game.

Lee Van Kliff as Renegade played 3 Indians, repeated 3 time Indians and KILL ALL BOARD players.

Chuck Wengan with hand of 6 BEERs and Volcanic in front him as Renedage.

Perdo Ramirez always put player before him in JAIL. At not succesfull escape, Pedro put him in JAIL again and again.

This situation is not IMBALANCED, it can happends. This situation brings some NOISE it to testing.

8. Recognize your weak part in test

There are some people, that don t play BANG very well. It can broke balance or make your test data DIRTY or NOISED.

Or people, that cannot clever use testing character ability so good as it should be used.

In software, it can be any part of your system, aplication.


In testing, you always used same prepared data. In BANG!, you should little cheat at begin. Remember, DO NOT make it up to you too often, because test view will be disapper and too much NOISE will be bring to test.

How can do my own settings:

- You select character to all person (1/2 normal and rest testing characters).


I let player to choose only from WWS character (6 player - reveal 6 WWS characters) or 1/2 WWS character and rest basic BANG. (reveal 3 WWS characters and 3 basic game).

- Or add to DRAWING pile more cards that you want to test (4 ).

E.x. I put 3 more RATTLESNAKE, BOUNTY, ESCAPE than normal in drawing pile.

- Result situation as you want (WWS)

E.x. WWS: Showtime: You can play starting with this black WWS card and it never change for 2 whole games.

10. End

All has own end and testing too.

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Best Practise in Testing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Best Practise in Testing   Best Practise in Testing EmptySat 14 Apr 2012, 17:02

Very useful, thanks!!!^_^
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Best Practise in Testing
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